Windows Server 2008 R2 install adds to the thrill of tax season

Sunday was a rainy end to another tax crazed week. The Server install went well but I’m stuck on transfering a license of MetaStock. This is all in preperation for the financial media empire project social media roll out being proposed for late in the year.

Universal WiFi Range Extender, 4-port WiFi Adapter Review

I have just completed the install of Netgear’s Universal WiFi Range Extender, 4-port WiFi Adapter (wn2000rpt). If you are searching for a device to extend the signal strength (range) of ALL available WiFi networks, that is easy to use NOW, and can be picked up at Wal-Mart on the way home, this is your dream come true! I helped a friend take care of a poor WiFi signal at his place today, and it was a snap! True plug and play!

The Hard Drive Upgrade Project from Hell!

Two Friday night’s ago (07/15/2011), I removed one of the two mirrored .5 TB hard drive from the main business PC. Then I added a new 2 TB hard drive to the array and rebuilt the mirror. I then spent about forty hours over that weekend and ensuingweekdays and the next weekend and ensuing weekdays  trying to expand the .5 TB image on the 2 TB drive. I got nothing for it. Last night (07/27/2011) was my last try (another three hours) for a while. Other items are screaming from the stack! Any suggestions for expanding a RAID volume with new larger disks with an Intel RAID controller onboard an Intel Desktop motherboard? The fun continues… just at another time….soon, I’m sure.

Looking for help in all the wrong places

This six website project is overwhelming. I’m looking for help to build it up enough to swap out the web side (I keep producing the Index reports) for a huge share of revenue. After this weekend’s hard drive upgrade project from hell (more on that soon), I may have seen the future . My desire to find help has led me to believe the next round of business PC will be a server that can be accessed from anywhere by multiple people at one time.