The Indiana University cycling team “The Cutters” that is! Not the sailing kind! The cycling team name “Cutters” was made famous in the 1979 movie “Breaking Away“.

Just let everyone you know that has a road bike and enjoys group rides to mark up your calendars for the 7:30 AM Cobblestone Mall ride on Saturday, Dec. 29 and Saturday, Jan 5!

This event brings out so many riders that everyone can enjoy the company of whom they wish, from the casual club rider to the touring Pro. Yeah, professionals.  Todd Neville is just back from competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii along with Trek sponsored Dirk Bockel who earlier this year won Ironman Germany.

Missed by the Cutters is Eric Young, now on the Pro Cycling Tour. Eric, along with Zach Lusk was one of the big reasons the Cutters won the Little 500 five times in a row until this year.

The Little 500 (also known popularly as the “Little Five”), is a bicycle race held annually at Bill Armstrong Stadium on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. The race was founded in 1951 by Howdy Wilcox Jr., Executive Director of the Indiana University Student Foundation, who modeled the race after the Indianapolis 500, which his father had participated in and won in 1919

In the movie 1979 movie “Breaking Away”, Dennis Christopher plays Dave, whose friends persuade him to join them in forming the locals’ cycling team for the Little 500. Dave’s parents provide t-shirts with the name “Cutters” on them. Dave’s father remarks how, when he was a young stone cutter, he was proud to help provide the material to construct the university, yet never felt comfortable being on campus. Dave is so much better than the other competitors, he rides without a break and builds up a large lead, while the other teams have to switch cyclists every few laps. However, he is injured and has to stop. After some hesitation, Moocher, Cyril and Mike take turns pedaling, but soon their lead evaporates. Finally, Dave has his feet taped to the bike pedals and starts making up lost ground; he overtakes Rod on the last lap and wins!

So, a little history lesson for you today.

This ride will be big, really big!

See ya there!